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Inherited Plants: Phase 2

Roadmap due Early 2022

The Inherited Plants collection will form the basis for future releases leveraging the power of AI to recombine, reinterpret and reimagine the pieces released to date.

The policy for the original Inherited Plants collection is now locked.  The 450 remaining Inherited Plants have been minted to the Inherited Plants vault.  The re-release of these pieces will coincide with Phase 2 of the project.

Get in contact on twitter or discord to get involved.


Heritage series

Auction and direct sale

The heritage series were the original inspiration for Inherited Plants.  Each NFT in the heritage series has an original analogue counterpart in the form of the 35mm slide used to seed and regenerate the final image.  NFTs will contain both the final image and and an MPEG of the transformation from analogue original to dystopian future.

Coming 2022
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