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Help my plant is not in their pot!

AI algorithms make their own interpretation of the prompts provided.  Getting the plants in the pot is actually pretty difficult.  In selecting between images those where the plant is growing in (or interacting with) the container or object in the metadata  are given priority.  Some images will have been selected based on aspects other than the interaction between plant and pot.

I am a plant expert and this NFT is not a [insert species here]!

When curating the images those that closely resemble the type of plant used for the prompt are given priority.  In many cases the plants in the images bear little resemblance to any known plant.  The metadata reflects the the prompt given to the algorithm rather than the type of plant the NFT looks like.

Something's gone wrong with the NFT I just minted!

Sorry for the inconvenience - I have probably screwed something up.  Whatever the issue drop me an email or reach out to me on twitter @inheritedplants and I will endeavour to sort the problem out in whatever way makes most sense for us both. 

Why are these being released as random mints? I want to buy a specific image!

As a kid I loved opening packets of trading cards especially from a new set when I had no idea what to expect. For the main series I wanted to keep some of that excitement. If the NFT you minted is not your preferred plant, aesthetic, or is just not for you then sell it or trade it for one you prefer on the secondary market.

For those of you that prefer selecting your artwork from a gallery the NFTs from the heritage series will be offered for direct sale or auction as specific listings once these are released.     

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