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The prelude release took place on Wednesday 22nd September and comprised 100 unique NFTs sketching out the visual world of Inherited Plants and sold out on the day of release.  The main collection consists of 10 series each consisting of 100 unique NFTs (1000 pieces total) with a distinct theme to each release .  

The current phase of Inherited Plants minting will run until the 31st December 2021 when policy locks.  Any NFTs remaining at this point will be minted and subsequently sold though a smart contract vending machine. ​

Each NFT comprises a unique artwork and a unique combination of attributes consisting of the 'plant' itself, the 'container' it grows in and the 'environment' in which it is displayed.

The 1100 NFTs from the prelude and main release will be used as the basis for ongoing development of the project throughout 2022 - stay tuned for exciting announcements in the New Year.

Prelude release:
100 unique NFTs

Main series: 1000 unique NFTs

Total of 1100 unique NFTs minted under the Inherited plants policy:


The heritage plants series will be released in 2022 under it's own policy ID with a release size of less than 500 unique individually crafted NFTs combining both still images and video.  

Heritage series: Up to 500 unique NFTs

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